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The information contained in our FAQ below may answer some questions you have about building with timber and our company, get in touch for more info.

There are too many factors involved to make a simple general comparison; each project should therefore be evaluated individually. Clients are however guaranteed that Knysna Timber Homes will always provide them with excellent value for money.

There are very many advantages but some of the most important are: - Preservation of the environment and low ecological impact - Unlimited design scope - Speed of erection - Cleanliness of building sites - The actual building process is a truly joyous experience for the client. - The lasting effect of a well designed and constructed building.

All timber components used by Knysna Timber Homes are preservative treated to comply with relevant SABS standards and termite infestation is therefore eliminated.

Knysna Timber Homes has to date no knowledge of excess on the insurance of any of their buildings.

All major financial institutions will finance a Knysna Timber Homes Building .

Maintenance of external paint and varnish finishes is similar to brick and mortar buildings. Timber exterior walls and finishes require marginally more maintenance than painted fibre cement products which compare with plastered brick walls.

As long as any other well constructed building and in some cases considerably longer than a brick and mortar building.

Definitely not! Knysna Timber Homes buildings are lighter, the foundation and wall construction systems are specifically designed to cope with some form of movement in the structure and are therefore more suitable to unstable soil conditions.

The same principals apply for a timber home as for any other home with regard to mortgage applications and insurance.